Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday was brought to you today by innocent

If you've not tried innocent's fruit juices do it now. Right now. They are excellent. I've just drunk an entire bottle of orange juice. That stuff is amazing.

Sunday didn't start off so well; I woke up to pouring rain and on my run discovered that my shoes aren't as waterproof as they once were. They've also got more holes than I'm really comfortable with, the number of which is one. The one I insert my foot into. As a result, I've got to head to town tomorrow and buy some new shoes, and I'm feeling Kalenjis - they've got great reviews and they're less than 20€.  Absolute steal.

I met my two new students today, Clémence and Louis. Clémence watches a lot - a lot - of American programming, and this in tandem with her studies means she speaks excellent English. Her brother, Louis, is a little unsure of himself, but needn't be. The only problem with them is the more complicated English; it's hard to structure lessons around the little corners of their ignorance that still need illumination. I'm excited by the challenge though; coming up against barriers is useful because if I don't know where the problems are I can't work through them.

I'm writing this listening to Animal Farm on the BBC; it's absolutely brilliant and, since it's on the radio, available throughout the world. Those students of mine who read this blog should listen to it, especially if they have access to the book as well. If you can't see what Orwell meant by it, if the metaphor is not clear within ten minutes, then ask. But I suspect you will work it out.

My line learning is getting there; I've got most of the lines down, it's just stringing them together that's proving to be a little tricky. One more push this evening and I should be settled.

Helped a friend out with some Economics and it made me realise how much I miss it, although hearing that Clémence also studies Russian has made me want to take that up too. There are simply not enough free hours in the day. I need more time!

Unfortunately, a friend posted a clip on Facebook from 30 Rock, and now I'm doing nothing but wanting to be Alex Baldwin, and take up acting.

Dorian Gray was a full. He was young for years and wasted it on hedonism and opulence. If I could live forever...

Do I know any good painters? No reason...