Monday, 4 March 2013

There's something curious at work here

The sun dawned today like a lover; warm, gentle, and incredibly far away. Everything looks more beautiful in the sunlight, I've found, and as it turns out not even engineering schools are immune to the beautifying powers of the celestial orb. Even the students, who might charitably be called bestial, were transformed by its radiance to something close to humanity.

Close. Let us not slip into hyperbole.

My morning was splendid and marred only by, once again, a lack of a meaty project into which I can sink my teeth. I have started researching for the future and lining up things I need to do for the year ahead, and the year after - preparation is the key to all things. Having completed the everyday tasks I went to see my supervisor, to see if she had anything problematic for me. She did. A table that contained 40,000 pieces of data and a list of demands; charts of certain data, sub-tables of other data. Ecstasy. A chance to turn numbers and, in some cases, binary responses into images. These pictures will literally be worth a thousand words, and I am really excited about the prospect.

My afternoon was given over to welcoming more students back, responding to students who had required a second and more vigorous reminder of the necessity of taking a certain test, and receiving DVDs from various members of staff. I enjoy films and cinema; I enjoy them so much that I have never even considered studying them. It seems my colleagues have been paying attention in our lessons, because I have been kindly lent two apparently excellent French films - Les Tontons Flingueurs and Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro. They look great but very odd side-by-side.

Along with kindness from my neighbours I did the usual housekeeping tasks for Mondays; booked rooms, planned lessons and wrote some things. I also stumbled across the following video; I know it's from the States but I would be willing to bet that the situation in certain other countries is relatively similar. I hope to make money one day; there's no doubt about that, but the figures in this video are just obscene. Do take the time to watch.

I'm sure nobody comes here to read political ideology or speechifying, so I'm not going to add anything except a question: do you think this is just?

Answer below if you'd like, or tweet me or write to me. I'd love to hear views on this and, for those who only come for the fun and the prose I've updated my Portfolio, so if you're new go there for the best of my writing so far. I think that's all the housekeeping.

That video is a little depressing, so to cheer you up I brought Audrey Hepburn back from the dead to advertise chocolate. It's perfect.

You're welcome.