Friday, 22 March 2013

Writing and writing.

Today I completed or polished:

  • A translation 
  • A poem (my own. Not very good.)
  • The writing exercise from yesterday, which gives me all weekend to polish further.
  • And I printed off tickets to go and see my uni chum in Le Havre tomorrow, although because I'm apparently unable to stop tormenting myself the train leaves at 0808 and I will have to leave here an hour before.
Year abroad. You'll do things.

My new office is being installed, which is brilliant. My current office is directly above it, which is a little bit less brilliant. Nevertheless, the judicious application of headphones and a dose of The Piano Guys (if you don't know who they are, here's my favourite piece of theirs. Guaranteed shivers.)

I'd love for there to be more to talk about, but aside from my usual Friday students, there's not much to say. C, who is nervous until she gets over it and then talks at quite a pace and B, her brother, who's slower but pays more attention. I think both are excellent for their stage; C's still getting the hang of the language and I want her to talk more so she has a better feel for it while B needs to knuckle down and get the grammar and complicated bits solid, now that his spoken English is at a good level. I saw an advert for the The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on the way to the bus stop and almost decided to see it - but this week has been hard, and I've got to be up early.

So this will have to suffice for tonight. I'll try to write tomorrow but, if not, meet me here on Sunday.