Sunday, 24 February 2013


So this morning I was awake on time, spoke to my friend in Australia, and was ready to go forth and teach exciting things to people who weren't weren't even alive when Monsters Inc came out.
It was all going very well. I was wearing my gorgeous charcoal grey three piece suit. I confess it is a little tight around the waist but. Well. As I said yesterday, I have a tendency to overestimate. Today it was my gut.
I was in the middle of expounding on inequalities - mathematical, rather than societal, though I daresay I could hold forth on either - when with a curious stretching, tearing sound the button on my trousers made a break for freedom.
This is not what one hopes for an hour into a three hour lesson, or, indeed, one hour into a six hour teaching day. Never have I been so aware of my trousers. Never have I been so nervous about sitting down.
The rest of the day passed without incident, with C and L being excellent as usual - L in particular has come right out of his shell. We made great progress on phrasal verbs and they've asked me back for extra sessions next week. Excellent. I can't stand inaction.
In fact, since I got home I've scaled my mountain of dishes, cooked a risotto and written this. On my phone. Because I like writing, and I love you.And my damnable internet isn't working.
So well done. You kept me up until half past eleven.