Monday, 11 February 2013

Weakness of the flesh

Alright, so in comparison to yesterday's hiccup, today has been a thousand times more unpleasant and I really, really ummed and ahhed about talking about it. It's in no way a pleasant subject, but on the other hand I have committed to writing every day and, unfortunately, what happened to me today has been focussed on something deeply unpleasant.

Today started pretty well, although I'm running low on pressed shirts. That meant wearing a shirt I wear only for seduction and looking ruffled, and today I looked very ruffled - the neck is a half-inch too small and so I have to wear it undone. With a tie as well I looked...deshabillé, which given the country in which I live is only to be celebrated.

Suitably unsuited my day started well, a dull but necessary task with a translation thrown in for extra fun. At ten-thirty I went down to my soon-to-be-ex office; as with all my exes, deciding what to keep and what to throw is proving difficult. I'm trying to get rid of everything that's just too old now; video cassettes and OS maps of Sussex are simply no good to anyone in the era of Youtube and Google Maps, though I am offering them to anyone with an iPhone.

Staff members came and went in a fairly constant flow, taking videos and old English training manuals for their kids. I chatted away in French, extolling the virtues of huge tomes of photographs of Ireland and recipe books written by Delia, back when she was young and pretty and not into cheating at cooking, though if you're keeping score I wonder against whom you're playing.

My supervisor decided I'd done such a good job with the technical plan of my old office that she has asked me to do the same for the new office, only in a day, rather than the week I had last time. Despite the time constraints, I felt confident. There's no need for 3D models with this plan so it should be nice and easy.

That was before lunch.

After lunch I discovered that something I had eaten had disagreed with me, and was doing its best to escape. Consequently I had to leave work early and my whole world has been narrowed to the distance between my bathroom and my desk.

Let's leave it at that.

In any case, I'm now missing several important measurements and will have to run around measuring things in the morning, assuming my universe can expand to that distance. Plenty of fluids and bed rest tonight will hopefully see me back to my vibrant and hydrated self.

First and only time I feel sympathy with his Holiness: the human body is a frail thing, and it is frightening when it fails one. I, for one, am not happy about it.