Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I write to the tune of regular blips from Facebook which tell me I should be moderating and not writing. However, I'm going to disregard the blips for a moment, which tell me someone is trying to teach philosophy to a group of a thousand people and being given a lesson in the disconnect between reality and logic, and go through my day. For posterity.

It's got busier again, which I wasn't sure it could, but it could and it did. Another chapter landed in my inbox, an interesting one which has lots of lovely paragraphs to rewrite, as well as an entire course's worth of slides and, in addition, I was offered the chance to become immortalised on film giving a Health and Safety presentation.

Oh yes. My life is literally that cool.

In addition, two students came in and played three games of chess, four people borrowed books or DVDs, and I handed out test preparation materials like there was a test tomorrow. (There is.)

I have to confess total admiration for anyone who asks for "a book about grammar" 30 hours before a test on English grammar. I'm too much of a chicken to leave it that late, I study way early and still get nervy before the test.

The afternoon continued much like the morning; I completed one chapter and basked a bit, wrote something for my French class incredibly quickly (it was really weird, the title was life without television and I just went...surreal. I'll show it to you if you'd like.)

Went to the self-same French level and almost exploded my eyeballs with rage as the people around me explained in their halting French why television is a bad thing. It addicts people to sitting around on their bottoms, it promotes laziness, it's propaganda paid for my multinationals - as if books, newspapers, magazines weren't exactly the same. Apparently it makes kids violent, an assertion not reflected in any study I know if but still trotted. I'm so tired of it, so tired of hearing it, that I found my mouth forming the words the teacher said, simultaneously. Like the creepiest scene from any Doctor Who ever.

This one.


In any case, after the lesson I had a chance to speak to one of my classmates, Juan Pablo. I've mentioned him before, and we managed to spend two and a half hours talking about the role of faith, religion, science in the grand scheme of the universe. I think I made a couple of points, and he raised a couple of interesting ones too - there are areas of my argument that I am not absolutely knowledgeable on, and I need to read more.

Then back to my little flat, to find it had been cleaned and consequently my router had been shut off. It's now refusing to work. I despise all technology, apart from the bits that allow me to write this and upload it to the interweb.

Do watch that video, because it's scary and cool and, taking a step back, very well done. 

And then please get me some aspirin, because this blipping is blipping doing my blipping head in.