Monday, 8 April 2013

Everything's coming up

So getting in at 2am, starting work at 9, and not doing laundry is not the brightest of ideas. Furthermore, scheduling things all day so that when you finish at 9pm everything is shut is similarly un-cunning.

These are things I have learnt.

However, I also had the incredible opportunity to speak to an old friend of the family, which was an enormous pleasure. Something may come of it, but then again something may not. I shall be sure to keep you updated.

Aside from that, however, today has been really quite slow. I taught a class of two, which was difficult, because two is a little too small to really get decent discussion going. I've got a book to translate - an actual book! - which is exciting but will be tough work.

And aside from that...nothing. A good lesson with my private student earlier, an entire baguette for tea and near terminal fatigue setting in right about now.

I hate to do short blogs, but after the splurge of writing and excitement over the past week this is all I have to give. I am splurged out.

That sounded less unpleasant in my head.

Regardless. I'm falling asleep at my desk, and to avoid the dreaded "QWERTY" face I'm leaving it.

It's wonderful to be back in France and unsettling how much it feels like home.

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