Friday, 19 April 2013

Samuel Beckett and waiting

Such an incredible day today, and I'm bursting to share it with you. A little while ago I started emailing my supervisor from my gmail account, because that's the one I have easy access to on my laptop and it's on my laptop that I do my translations, because being able to touch type is no advantage at all when you're using a keyboard with the letters in all the wrong places.

However, using my gmail account means that I now get important emails from her on my phone, and so it was that in the middle of lunch I discovered I have a little budget for new books, DVDs, anything I want at all for my new mediatheque and for my awesome students!

I'm so excited I'm going to Shakespeare and Company tomorrow after my normal teaching session to check out the books on offer and, perhaps, do a little dance of total glee. I have money to spend on books and it's not even my money. There's going to be some game of thrones up in here. At least. In other money mentions, I discovered another solid lump in my bank account courtesy of the student loans company, so with that on top of other plans my next two years are looking pretty comfortable.

The book's finished; the last part of that went this afternoon, and I'm not sure how it'll be received - the conclusion as I translated it reads well but plays fast and loose with the original language. It's an ongoing issue I'm having with translation works, but so far I'm pretty pleased. We'll see; if it comes back with a "REJECTED" stamp on it it'll be back to the drawing board.

Two more hours of teaching this evening and, as I think I mentioned last week, En attendant Godot rounded off my evening. Godot is a work of absolute brilliance, and seeing it in French was amazing - the actors were fantastic and the theatre, while as hot as all hell, was utterly charming. Publicly funded théâtres are the greatest thing in the world, and it's only given me more enthusiasm for student théâtre when I get back.

When I get back! The days are rapidly running out but time still turns. At Aberdeen we now have a new executive committee and my own personal favourite committee is headed up by two excellent people. I'm hoping that I can elected to it, but since elections will take place while I'm all the way out here in France I'm not confident. We shall see what happens.

Oh, the reason I've put waiting in the title of this post is because I've been waiting all evening to find out who translated Beckett's English play Waiting for Godot into French.

Turns out it was originally a French play that Beckett wrote in French and then translated.

Every time I get some culture I am reminded of the depths of my own failings and the heights there are yet to achieve. So exciting. Next year is going to be incredible.