Thursday, 18 April 2013

Things are hotting up

The weather and the work. The weather is glorious, and although my girlfriend is currently in Scotland (and having an incredible time, by the sounds of it) I feel absolutely no inclination to head in that direction. Sorry love, but I know you're coming back. I'm not so certain about the sun.

The work has increased apace as well, with new commissions coming in left, right and centre. We're already gearing up for next year's rentrée, the start of the new year, which means co-ordinating all the different schools, the numerous presentations that need to be given, translating materials for each programme in each school and finally planning new things for the médiathèque next year.

(Apparently next year's stagiaire reads this blog. Well played that girl. There will be many new and exciting things for you to do next year.)

The book is nearly finished, and the history just becomes more and more interesting. Here translation becomes more difficult; while I want to stick to the original text, I also want to stay true to the spirit - and the two are almost incompatible. Translations are hard, and I wish I'd got into it earlier - the European Government runs an annual competition, and when I get back I'm going to be asking why more places don't take part.

Probably because they're not as nerdy as me. Ho hum.

French class this evening coupled with another two hundred words of my year abroad project have left me starving, so it's going to be a jacket potato (done in the microwave - ye gods I miss my oven) and a relaxing evening watching the results of Aberdeen University Students' Association's elections coming in.

A really short blog tonight, but hunger prevents me expanding, so instead I leave a fascinating cryptic crossword clue that I'll be offering to students.

The clue is: GEGS
The answer is 9 letters long, and then 4 letters long.
So it might be, for example, Alexandra Scot.
(It's not that, which should help.)

If you know the answer, do let me know. It's amazing once you get it.