Monday, 6 May 2013


Today was Monday, and tomorrow, to all intents and purposes, is Friday.

This has messed me up no end.

You see, in France there is a relaxed attitude about working. We've discussed this before, but this particular moment is the pinnacle. Both Wednesday and Thursday are public holidays and, in recognition of the fact that really nobody is going to come into work on the Friday we're just going to take that as holiday too. By Friday, of the ten working days just past, I will have worked six.

Interestingly, France is not an economic powerhouse, and apparently there's much scratching of heads over this fact.



Two-days working weeks are not how you make money.

They're how you get really gleeful workers.

So: today I woke up utterly shattered and crawled into work. I needed two coffees before I could face the day, but with the dark nectar of Java boiling in my belly face it I did. I may have faced it with slightly crazy eyes, but that's beside the point. I did three takes of the first video project - good lord, there is nothing worse than having nobody but yourself for feedback - and will review them tomorrow. I then worked some more on my year abroad project and oh how time flies when you're researching.

The afternoon was spent feeding more scones into the cavernous maws of students and more research, which was fascinating but tough going. I'm pleased by the amount I can currently understand though, and paying extra-close attention to grammar means I should get marks for that, at least.

Had a lesson this evening in the glorious evening sun. I am going to miss this place.

I will have

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