Tuesday, 28 May 2013


There are a lot of things I want to talk about today.

Firstly iTunes put up the most recent episode of Doctor Who at long last, which meant I could break my embargo on reading about the finale and I could watch it. I wait for iTunes because no other company is able to allow me to watch British television series but I love them. So I wait and then I pay, but I really wish I didn't have to wait so long. My first world problems are beyond compare.

So John Hurt. That's going to make for some interesting writing. Other than that, I found it weak, the CGI almost painful, the character development sloppy, the villain poor, and Richard E. Grant delicious as always.

Who aside, I've had a glorious, glorious day. The weather started hideous, rain absolutely sluicing down the windows, but the work was interesting. I had to apply some serious lateral thinking to work out how to divide up 17,000 bits of data with weird criteria. Excellent fun though, and after that I moved onto planning challenges for next year's students. Mmmm, logic puzzles, cryptic clues, jigsaws...these are some of my favourite things.

Progress is being made on the video project and on the secret project, except of course now that's given birth to another secret project. My secret projects are multiplying, and I'm enjoying the struggle of trying to keep track of them all.

I rewrote some formulas in the huge-massive-student-profile thingy to automate some bits and pieces; with any luck I'll be able to hide the machinery of it and present them with a thing that updates automatically, which should make life easier for everyone involved. I hope.

In the afternoon I discussed plans with my supervisor, and she's going to try to get some money so I don't have to build everything myself. Hooray! I was also one of two students in a French lesson where I had to read out loud, something which I normally enjoy but today did not. The reason: I have got wiser by about half a tooth and wisdom, it seems, hurts like you wouldn't believe. Still, it was a good lesson, and I've now got a new French television series to watch.

All I need to do is find somewhere other than iTunes to watch it...