Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Presentation is key

Well, I got reminded this morning of something I'd agreed to after three cups of champagne, and that something was a ten minute presentation that I will be giving tomorrow. The moral of this cautionary tale is, of course, don't promise to do something having drunk three cups of champagne, because your opinion of your own French will be considerably higher than it really merits.

I got a haircut. Want to give me your opinion? Try me on G+ or Twitter
Nonetheless I am a man of my word, and so this evening I offer an early blog and a picture to make up for the normal wordiness while I write my presentation about a piece of software that may well help teachers to better connect with their students.

So: today was made of sorting data in Excel, writing storyboards, seeing students, checking CVs, and translating an email. My storyboards are coming along, insofarasmuch as storyboards made of stick figures with speech bubbles of too much text constitute a storyboard. (Do they? I have literally no experience in this field.)

That's been about my day. The coffee machine is not working any more, and I need way more caffeine than I'm currently getting. I've said it about a hundred and one times, but the only thing I'm looking forward to in Aberdeen is getting myself a coffee machine and having at least three coffees a day for pennies.

Addict? Where?

Update: just before posting I looked into the mirror and grinned, and my dad grinned back at me out of it. Genuinely unsettled. For comparison my dad is below.