Thursday, 23 May 2013

Never have I ever...

Felt so totally old. Couldn't sleep last night, so lay awake reading. Lay awake reading, in fact, until about 4am. This is something that two years ago I'd not have thought twice about, except it would've been a particularly tricky Assassin's Creed mission or just one more episode of the original House of Cards (although the new one, by +Netflix, is still incredibly good).

In any case. I'm feeling old now because in the old days I'd do that, leap out of bed at 8 and do a full day of uni and a night in Exo too. Now it's half past ten and I'd like a nice cup of tea and my bed, please.

My presentation this morning seemed to go down well. I got a few laughs here and there and my video on mind-mapping was well-received, though the idea of me being around after I leave is a bit weird. In any case, it's great to have that done with, and be moving onto new projects.

More students came looking for revision materials because there are exactly five days to the next test, and that is when you should start revising for tests. Five days before.

And that's about it for today! The French lesson was odd, all about the bourgeoisie, but agreeable enough. We worked on superlatives and comparatives, which was - well, it was easy, but I got to teach my classmates a little and that was fun.

I wish I could give you more folks, but it's been a boring old day. I'll try harder tomorrow, and that starts with some serious sleep.