Sunday, 30 December 2012

Last night in England

The evening draws in on my last night in England for quite some time. Quite some time here only means about 11 days, but since I'm only back for two days I feel it doesn't really count.

It's been a very lazy Sunday here, as I'm sure it has been across the country. I'm writing a little early because tonight I will be breaking with tradition and seating myself squarely in front of the television, along with my family, for Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year, an established tradition. I'm particularly looking forward to how Jimmy avoids - or doesn't - the worrying rash of tax dodgers like Amazon, Starbucks, and Jimmy himself.

Tomorrow night I shall be back in France, and most likely seeking something cheap/free to do to celebrate the New Year. I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions; I confess that freely. If one wants to change, one does - an arbitrary line should make no difference. Despite this, I've noticed that I get a sudden influx of new students at the beginning of every month. These arbitrary lines do seem to matter.

However, if you are making resolutions this year, try to remember a couple of things.

Firstly: it will take longer than you might think. 66 days is the outside estimate of the time it takes to form a good habit. That's over two months of doing the same thing, every day. I've been writing this blog for about 30 days now, and it's become a little bit easier. But not a lot.

Secondly: don't leap straight in. Go little by little, and form a chain - an idea explained all over the internet, with an especially good one here. Inch by inch and everything is a cinch; it sounds trite, but it's absolutely true - do a little every day, and you will find yourself at your target before long.

Unless you are a short-distance runner, in which case inch by inch is no good at all.

I'm intrigued by the fact that over the past two days, I managed to score 200 views for talking about a tie and a suit that I bought. I'm quite excited by that, because if ever there was a chap who enjoyed talking about suits, ties, and sartorial things, then that chap is me.

In any case; however you found me, welcome.

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