Wednesday, 12 December 2012

In which our Hero finally understands Samson's pain

The midpoint has passed! It's CV season at work; students hoping to get English-speaking jobs after they graduate at the end of the year have realised that they ought to get an English speaker to read their CVs. Enter our hero.
I have to say, the one upside of this process is that I've seen a lot of very creative layouts and they've all given me ideas for a redraft of my own CV. It's also given me a tiny insight into the mind of a recruiter, and I already want to scream with frustration every time I read the same, recycled, uninspiring words and phrases.
For fun, I reread my CV to see how many of these phrases I had included. The prognosis wasn't great, so I'm going to have a redraft. I'm already thinking about internships for next year, which is exciting, but I'm also getting quite irritated by several big companies' insistence on 300/360 UCAS points. I didn't do inspiringly well at A-Level; that's not a big secret, but my degree is pretty good and getting better. Perhaps I'm just being a sore loser. Time will tell.

I had a haircut today, and I got what I had hoped I asked for and managed to carry on a conversation with the hairdresser, so an excellent end to the day. Several of the wonderful women in my life have been suggesting I get a trim, but it took an outright threat to induce me to go. I tend to the optimistic when it comes to my hair, as with most things in my life. Apparently where I see "shaggy, rugged and interesting" others see "poor guy, out in the cold with no home."

In any case, I've defied nature and got myself sheared in the winter by a franco-spaniard who tried to get me to buy a coffee machine. I nearly did. Someone reading this was within a gnat's wing of getting a coffee machine instead of Disney tickets this Christmas. I am slowly learning that buying other people what I want is not the right way to go about attacking the Christmas shopping.

All the same...who wouldn't want a coffee machine with a European plug?

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