Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tel' an re

The long day is going to be tomorrow. Today felt pretty darn long though, and it’s likely that I shall not get a chance to write a blog at all tomorrow, so that’s annoying. Today started off a little disappointing, if I’m honest; I applied for an internship at Wieden + Kennedy and the acceptance email would have come this morning - as I’m sure you’ve gleaned from the tone of this piece, it did not. It’s frustrating, but these things come up a lot. It just means I have a new target to aim for next year.
Several of my students took their TOEIC today, feeling a mix of happiness, nervousness, and a little sadness that they won’t be coming to lessons any more. Unless I’ve been a really bad teacher and they failed, but in that case, I doubt they’d come back to my class anyway. I’ve really enjoyed teaching them, and it’s really helped me get to grips with what I need to be as a teacher. All of those thoughts may well be obsolete by the time I start teaching, but for the moment, I have some ideas and the opportunity to develop them is fantastic.
The midweek pint approaches with my friend Macdaleine, a name which is impossible to pronounce the same way twice. It’s an English-speaking gathering, which is a shame as I’d really love to try out more conversational French, but a pint is a pint.
Except here, where it’s 68ml short.

But it matters not. There is going to be much shopping this weekend, many markets and friends and probably presents. There’s still no snow here, though, so depending on your opinion of snow you may be gloating or desperately jealous. Probably the latter, if Network Rail ruined your journey again this morning. I suspect they did.

Finally I’d really like to draw this to your attention, it’s incredibly nerdy but such a clever piece of marketing that I think it’s worthy of sharing. Besides, if I know my audience, it’s secretly a little bit nerdy. A weather report in Elvish. Epic.

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