Monday, 24 December 2012


Although this is just a silly blog hosted alongside a million others, I'm still dedicating it to my brother Jamie, who's out in Hong Kong. We miss you.

I got back into the swing of my time at home by walking the dog at 9 this morning. It's clear the chubby wee monster knows that when I'm at home it's walkies every morning because the moment I rocked downstairs in joggers he bounced off all four walls and did a jig on the ceiling. Quite a restrained one, though. He is royalty, after all.

My plan was to take him at a gentle jog up to some nice local woods where I could let him off the leash and stroll about the fields like a man of leisure while he tore about like the over-excited ball of energy he is. Rusty's plan, however, was to drag me there as quickly as possible, by any means possible, and to then tear about like an over-excited ball of energy while his young master did whatever it is humans do to amuse themselves.

The limitless energy of my dog - of many dogs - is amazing, and other people have written extensively about the fantastic natures of dogs in more creative ways than I could. A webcomic creator called Matt Inman wrote a great comic about dogs, and I'd recommend you read it right now. I myself could wax lyric about my dog and his oddities (he is apparently unable to fathom why I go around puddles, and walked through the same one three times with a happy doggy smile to show me that water is nothing to be scared of) but I shall try to be brief, because I am planning on going to bed early, so that I can wake up tomorrow nice and early. Essentially because I am (still) a child.

So the only other thing to say today is that I suspect our tree has gotten bigger again, my poor sister is laid out with an absolutely appalling case of tonsillitis, and I watched Nativity! on ITV and found it absolutely smashing. Heartwarming and special, as one feels Christmas television ought to be, and Martin Freeman once again trying to help a bunch of short people.

He seems to have been unfortunately typecast after Sherlock, which better get back on our screens really, really soon.

But I digress. Christmas is almost upon us, and whatever you believe, wherever you are, I hope your day is filled with family, your belly with food, and your home with laughter.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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